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Frequently Asked Questions

Stands for Kenya Institute of Business Training. KIBT offers Practical solutions to business through entrepreneurship skills development, business advisory services..


Small business management, KAIZEN, business start-ups for youth, entrepreneurship, effective business management, business growth and expansion, pre-retirement and post-retirement programs, agribusiness development training programs, tailor-made training programs, executive training programs etc. 


 Through training, follow ups, business counseling and advisory, mentorship and coaching

It’s a compound of two Japanese words “Kai” and “Zen” that together means good change or improvement. It is applied in businesses and companies to reduce defects, eliminate wastes, boost productivity, improve workers morale and promote innovations. KAIZEN    It’s one of the training programs offered at KIBT.


Yes once trained, the participants get certificate of participation

Each course is paid for upfront before the training is conducted

 Currently No but they will commence soon and will be advertised on the website as well.

For all enquiries contact the director’s office through any of the following telephone numbers: -



+254 770586176






The training s are conducted at KIBT Headquarters, the regional offices and on-site (or the nearest public venue to the participants) 


KIBT requires one to apply and pay the requisite fee. For a group requested training, a class must have a minimum of 15 participants


Yes, Training for staff of an organization can be done on request and will be conducted at a venue selected by the organization at their cost.



KIBTs trainings are able to cater for those with hearing impairment by providing training with sign language interpretation at the moment


It is possible to offer your services through KIBT by using KIBT platforms e.g. trainings to offer its services. To offer such services one needs to contact the director’s office for further guidance.

One can partner with KIBT by contacting the director’s office and discussing the areas of partnership

KIBT is a government institution and all vacancies are advertised by the Public Service Commission on its website and the local newspapers.